XiaoXia Zhang

Xiao Xia began learning about embroidery when she was 6 Years old. Following in the footsteps of generations of the women in her family, this art has been passed down mother to daughter.  Her love of this art form is evident in her works.  Constantly striving to improve as both an artist and Teacher, she brings over 50 years of experience to help others learn about and keep this form of art alive and vibrant.  She is an award winning artist in domestic and international competitions. Her work is recognized by her peers as extraordinary and since coming to America she has moved away from the traditions she was bound by, to documenting what she see’s in the scenes of America’s landscapes and wildlife.

Passing on this tradition in the family is important and I can’t be happier seeing my Daughter and Granddaughter succed me in our passion for this art. Li Wen has been helping me create my art for 7 years she has served her apprenticeship and has become an artist in her own right. As you will see in her own pages I have a right to be proud of her and have a great hope that our granddaughter Susanah will surpass both of us.